About Us

We celebrate and embrace the wide variety of needs, faith journeys, cultures and personalities within our Congregation and Community.

Our Mission & Vision for Blaxland Uniting is to:

Bring people to God

Grow people in their faith

Serve our community

Our vision is to use our activities and our personal witness to bring people to God.  We want to support and encourage people to grow in knowledge and experience of Jesus.   We also support particular programs which are designed to meet the needs of the disadvantaged in our local community.

We seek to be a welcoming and caring congregation, committed to openness and transparency, where people can explore their faith in a safe environment.

As a Congregation, we connect with our community through our regular services, special events, pastoral care, scripture classes at Blaxland East Primary & Blaxland High School and our association with the work of Gateway Family Support Services.

We use special occasions in both the Christian year and secular year to be in relationship with the Blaxland Community.  Some examples are:  Easter, “Christmas Carols on the Lawn”, Family Picnic and celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Seniors Week & Children’s Week.

Three things everyone deserves to know:

  1. God loves you
  2. You are entitled to live life to the full
  3. We are here for each other, to love and be loved